Creating a well-defined content strategy for your organization's intranet

Is the content on your intranet interesting, relevant and aligned with your organization’s goals? Intranets are a valuable tool for internal communications, and relevant content is crucial for creating engagement, establishing credibility and building trust with your employees. Developing a well-managed content plan for your intranet can be the foundation of your overall internal communications strategy. It ensures you’re providing your employees with vital corporate information and creates an interactive platform that helps foster a sense of community.

Beyond providing company news and updates, a strong intranet content strategy encourages collaboration and empowers employees to be part of important dialogues. Follow these steps to make sure your intranet serves its intended purpose and meets the needs of your employees:

Understand your audience: Begin by thoroughly understanding the preferences of your employees. Conduct surveys, interviews and feedback sessions to gain insights into what content they need and how they access it. Consider diverse roles and departments within your organization, as different groups may have unique content needs. The audience analysis will be the foundation of your content strategy.

Identify objectives and goals: Defining clear objectives for your intranet strategy is crucial in guiding content creation and measuring success. Whether it’s improving employee engagement, facilitating knowledge sharing or streamlining processes, your objectives should always be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Assign responsibilities: Determine who is responsible for creating, reviewing and updating content, and outline the approval process.

Align content with objectives: Develop a calendar to plan and schedule content, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and addresses the needs of your various audiences.

Governance and guidelines: Establish governance policies and guidelines to maintain consistency and quality across all content on your intranet. Guidelines should cover content formatting, tone and accessibility to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Review and refine: Regularly monitor the performance of your intranet, using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement metrics, content views and user feedback. If certain content is not meeting its objectives, revise or remove it.

A successful intranet content strategy evolves as your employees’ needs and goals do. As workplaces continue to become more digital, implementing the best practices outlined above will help you leverage the potential of your intranet for increased employee engagement and foster a community of collaboration among your employees. By understanding your audience, setting clear objectives, implementing content governance, and continuously evaluating and improving your strategy, you can create an intranet that truly supports your organization’s goals and enhances employee productivity and satisfaction.

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