Five Work-from-Home Takeaways from Our Team

With stay-at-home orders in effect across the globe, it’s not surprising that more people than ever are doing their jobs remotely. While working from home has its advantages – who can beat the commute? – it also comes with many adjustments to accommodate the new normal we have found ourselves in due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, today’s advanced technology easily allows organizations such as ours to move their operations online, while also maintaining the same culture and level of communication as when physically present in an office environment. We still gather for our team meeting each morning, just on Microsoft Teams instead of in the boardroom. And, many of the new ways of working we have adopted will help us work smarter even when we are back together in the office.

Here are positive takeaways from some of our agency team members after the first five weeks of working remotely:

sarah ganton“My initial concern when I learned we’d be working remotely was how we were going to communicate within our team. Right at the start, we decided to schedule two daily calls and use that time to clearly delineate roles, responsibilities and timelines for projects, making us all much more efficient.”

Sarah Ganton – Manager, Public Affairs


Nicole Milluzzo“One would think that being physically distant would negatively impact relationships. Instead, I feel more connected than ever with my team. Not only have we had to communicate more frequently, but we are learning more about each other’s families and the personal challenges we are facing due to the pandemic.” 

Nicole Milluzzo – Senior Manager, Communications


anthony (tony) palumbo“Before COVID-19, communications with clients were mainly through emails and phone calls. Now, we’re seeing clients in person via video conferencing – some who I have worked with for years and never met. This additional level of interaction translates into enhanced relationships and greater alignment on producing impactful, quality work.”

Tony Palumbo – Creative Director


paul rozenberg“For sure, the best part of working remotely is spending precious time with my son, who was born in December. I am grateful to see him during breaks throughout the day instead of only before and after work. He recently began laughing and giggling, which brightens up even the most stressful day.” 

Paul Rozenberg – Senior Manager, Public Affairs


carson giuditta“Working from home has been an adjustment, and I miss my human friends from the office. But, with my big brothers and sister all home from school, I get a lot of love and plenty of walks.”

Carson Giuditta – Motivational Barker


Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with additional insights from our team members. If you want to connect sooner, visit our Team page and reach out at any time.

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