Four 2020 Workplace Trends that are Here to Stay

Adaptability was a hallmark of 2020 – both in the workplace and in homes across the globe. Afterall, work and life had to go on even after the world was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. We just needed to discover new ways to get things done.

And, when it’s all behind us, we’ll realize many of the approaches we implemented are in fact better than our tried-and-true ways of doing things. Here are just a few of the new ways of doing business that we see sticking around in 2021 and beyond.

Video Meetings

Conducting a meeting via Microsoft Teams or Zoom was always technologically possible, but most of us never felt the need to meet “face to face” in this way. After years of conference calls, many people saw colleagues and clients for the first time in 2020, enhancing relationships and creating deeper connections.

Flexible Workplaces

Who would have imagined businesses could run fully virtually for months on end – and improve productivity while doing so? By offering flexible work schedules, companies can boost employee satisfaction and work-life balance, while also attracting a more talented workforce.

Improved Client Experiences

Many businesses have become more efficient by streamlining their procedures and adding new services, all to their clients’ benefit. For example, retail businesses of all sizes implemented delivery and curbside pickup during the pandemic and time spent in a doctor’s waiting room has decreased significantly. At bmgstrategies, we have been actively participating in collaboration sessions with our clients in real-time via screen sharing.

Less Travel

As people became increasingly more comfortable with conducting business virtually, companies realized traveling for meetings wasn’t always cost-effective or time-efficient. While gathering in person is important, business travel may never be the same.

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