Internal Company Newsletters — A Powerful Tool for Engagement

Transparency in the workplace is critical to building a culture of trust and open communication. Employees who feel informed are more likely to be engaged, productive and satisfied with their jobs, but a recent survey by Gallup found that 74% of employees have the feeling they’re missing out on company information and news. Despite the popularity of social media channels and digital communication tools for the workplace, an internal newsletter remains one of the most powerful tools for internal communications.

why internal newsletters are crucial.

Here are some reasons why internal company newsletters are so important:

boost employee engagement.

Internal newsletters can keep your team informed about what is happening in the company. By sharing this information, you are fostering a sense of community where employees feel more connected to the company and are more likely to be engaged in their work.

encourage collaboration.

By highlighting the work of different teams and sharing success stories, employees can learn more about what their colleagues are working on and find opportunities to partner together.

promote company culture.

Sharing stories about employees, events and initiatives that align with the company’s mission and values can help reinforce a strong company culture.

improve communication.

By sharing updates and information in a timely and consistent manner, employees can rely on newsletters as a way to stay informed.

increase productivity.

Providing a centralized location for important information helps to streamline communications and reduce the volume of internal emails, enabling employees to spend more time at work actually doing work.

how to create an engaging newsletter.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your newsletter:

determine purpose and audience.

Consider what you want to achieve through the newsletter and align on whether the target audience is all employees, or specific departments or teams.

develop cadence for communication.

Determine whether a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter will work best for your audience and your content development team.

create compelling content.

Find out what matters to your audience and brainstorm content that will resonate. Use images, videos and motion graphics to ensure the content is engaging and easy to understand.

leverage the opportunity.

Incorporate ways for employees to provide two-way communication through surveys, open-ended questions, trivia and contests. Consider adding a “suggestion box” section to your newsletter to encourage feedback or provide resource links to tools that may be helpful.

distribute and promote.

Consider using email marketing software to send the newsletter, which can capture detailed analytics to monitor engagement and identify opportunities for continued improvement. Be sure to promote the newsletter by sharing a teaser through internal communication channels or creating a fun competition that can be accessed by reading the newsletter.

A successful internal newsletter is an important resource that is both informative and engaging. It should include visual storytelling to help drive retention, be interactive to spark valuable conversations and encourage collaboration, and be relevant to keep employees well-informed.

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