Tips to Make Meetings Fun Again

Managing a meeting can be challenging, but when done right it can also be quite rewarding. The key to planning a meaningful – and engaging – internal meeting is to create a collaborative environment in which attendees can learn, develop new skills and foster relationships.

The next time you are charged with planning an internal meeting, carefully consider these essential components when setting the agenda:


Choose a theme that reinforces your business’s key topics and priorities. Then, incorporate the theme throughout the meeting by creating branded items such as presentations, videos, posters and giveaways.

Opening Session.

As the kick-off to your meeting, the opening session is a really great time to set the tone for the meeting and to communicate key messages. With all attendees present, it’s an opportunity to both motivate and engage.

Learning Sessions.

Consisting of breakout groups and workshops, learning sessions allow smaller groups to focus on and discuss specific topics. These sessions should have clear objectives and take place in a location that supports collaboration.

Networking Activities.

Interactive events, such as icebreakers and team building activities, offer a chance for attendees to connect with colleagues, meet new people and build deeper relationships.


Take advantage of an in-person event to provide recognition. Awards and other honors can be highlighted in a variety of ways throughout your meeting and will go a long way toward making attendees feel appreciated.

Planning a meeting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. However, if you don’t have the time or resources to complete the steps above, connect with us to learn about how we can support your meeting management needs.

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