Q&A: Remote Internships at bmgstrategies

Nia Chesney and Giovanna Giuditta

Our team has grown for the summer! We are thrilled to introduce our talented interns, Nia Chesney and Giovanna Giuditta. With their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives, they’re injecting new energy into our public affairs and communications teams. Nia and Giovanna are also embracing our agency culture and fostering mentor relationships with our team members that will last well beyond the summer months.

Like the rest of our team, Nia and Giovanna are working remotely. Below, Nia and Giovanna have shared their insights on internships and their takeaways from working at bmgstrategies this summer.

What are you hoping to take away from your internship experience at bmgstrategies?

Nia: I’m majoring in urban studies and minoring in political science at Fordham University and am considering going to law school after college. I’m excited that through my internship I have the opportunity to learn about different policy areas and will be able to participate in client meetings on a range of topics.

Giovanna: I’m majoring in communication and minoring in journalism at Boston College, and am excited to work on communications projects for corporate and nonprofit clients. From social media strategy to presentation development, the work bmgstrategies does matches my interests and my goal to pursue a career in corporate communications after college.

What makes a remotely-based internship different from interning in person?

Nia: The remote internship experience provides the opportunity for me to enter the workforce in a way that is not overwhelming. This way of working perfectly combines the professional environment with the comfort of being at home.

What skills have you been able to develop through your internship?

Giovanna: This internship has been a great way to gain skills through experience. Through the projects I am supporting, I have enhanced my computer skills and learned more about Adobe Creative Cloud applications. In addition, participating in client calls has given me the opportunity to learn first-hand how to communicate and manage clients’ expectations while staying on track with project timelines.

What project or topic came across your desk that was new to you, or that you didn’t expect to work on?

Nia: I really enjoyed helping draft briefing materials for an upcoming outreach event. The project gave me a new perspective on the behind-the-scenes work that goes into an event and how crucial it is to know your audience.

Giovanna: I have spent a good portion of my internship supporting a fundraising campaign for a non-profit organization. So far, I have helped develop social media posts, blog posts, and a campaign plan. The organization’s mission aligns closely with my personal values, so I found this project very satisfying. Working for a cause that I know will make a positive impact has made my experience with bmgstrategies that much more rewarding.

What tools have helped make remote working easier?

Giovanna: Working in a remote setting can be challenging if proper communication methods are not in place. bmgstrategies primarily uses Microsoft Teams for calls, which has enabled me to quickly and easily have “face-to-face” conversations. I have been participating in regular team check-ins each morning and afternoon, which helps to create an open communication environment.

What do you hope to take away when your internship ends?

Nia: Going into my junior year of college, this summer is crucial as I think about my future career. This internship has given me exposure to government affairs work and the ability to work with people with different areas of experience and education. This experience has given me great insight into real-world work.

Giovanna: As a communication major and journalism minor, this internship has shown me how my studies can be implemented in a professional work setting. I have had the ability to work on a wide variety of projects, which has given me ideas to potentially explore further. My time with bmgstrategies has further reinforced my career goals following college.

About bmgstrategies’ summer internship program:

Our remote-based summer internship program is designed to provide ambitious and talented college students with an immersive experience in the fields of public affairs and communications. Interns work closely with our team of seasoned professionals and provide substantive contributions to client projects. Throughout the program, interns have the opportunity to develop and refine key skills, such as research, writing and proficiency with communications platforms and applications. As an agency committed to fostering talent and empowering young professionals, we provide resources and training to facilitate their professional growth. To learn more about this program and opportunities for 2024, email

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