When you bring together people from different professional backgrounds who are committed, passionate, open-minded and naturally curious, great things can happen! Each of our team members has been carefully selected for their experience, skills and fit with our culture.

richard a. giuditta jr
richard a. giuditta, jr. president
richard a. giuditta jr richard a. giuditta jr
amelia g. baker
amelia (mia) baker senior director
amelia g. baker amelia g. baker
madelyn dewitt graphic designer
sarah ganton
sarah ganton senior manager, public affairs
sarah ganton sarah ganton
mark goldsack senior manager, public affairs
ingrid lillis manager, public affairs
heather kazmark senior manager, public affairs
molly mccarthy senior graphic designer
anthony (tony) palumbo
anthony (tony) palumbo creative director
anthony (tony) palumbo anthony (tony) palumbo
michael parlavecchio
michael parlavecchio senior manager, public affairs
michael parlavecchio michael parlavecchio
valerie paykov video animator
walter schoenknecht
walter schoenknecht director, video production
walter schoenknecht walter schoenknecht
john theophilakos
john theophilakos director, av and staging
john theophilakos john theophilakos
carson giuditta
carson giuditta motivational barker
carson giuditta carson giuditta
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