Teamwork makes the dream work

People tend to do their best work when they feel like they’re part of a team. With a wide variety of work environments and employees, it’s not always easy to engage your workforce.

Consider the following in creating a productive and positive work environment:

Identify your audience.

Consider whether employees prefer to receive information via email or if they respond better to messages delivered directly from their manager. Do they have access to a computer during the workday? Digital platforms, such as intranet sites and collaboration tools, should include content that resonates with your audience and incorporates the right tone.

Reach all employees.

Company communications should be accessible and inclusive to all employees. Perhaps the greatest challenge is reaching “deskless employees,” who do not work in a traditional office environment but make up more than 80 percent of the global workforce. They require digitally-based modes of communication and collaboration.

Promote virtual proximity.

In a virtual, hybrid, or distributed workplace, it’s important for teams to feel connected, and that means making time for social interactions. Include time before and after team calls for open communication. By creating the space and opportunity to focus on non-work-related conversations, employees can establish a community of peers, who will work better and more productively together.

Be a good corporate citizen.

Giving back to the local community as a team can add to job satisfaction and open lines of communication among employees. Is there a non-profit organization your team can rally behind and support? Regardless of where team members are located, there may be opportunities to provide support virtually.

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